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The EQCCT Advantage

When it comes to growing, this new technology significantly enhances all aspects of a plants growth. From earlier germination, to greater root development, plant resiliency, shorter growth periods, greater vegetation and flowering – and more.

100% All-Natural

It is finally here, a 100% all-natural water solution for growers that is safe for the environment, humans and animals – with no negative side effects as associated with pesticides or chemicals.

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Tested & Proven

Specifically designed for any agricultural watering application. Proven to increase the percentage, uniformity, vigor and strength of seed germination.

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Oz-Grow is the exclusive North American distributor for the bio-resonance or “bio-electronic” agricultural application products made in partnership with von Hoffman & Partners Technologies – based in Europe. We are very proud to introduce to the market a new clinically proven bio-resonance technology – known as Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology (EQCCT).

EQCCT is marketed by Oz-Grow and is a grounded Cymatic (resonating) Communication method that enhances, directs, and transforms biological organisms for magnified performance results. When it comes to agricultural purposes, this new technology significantly enhances all aspects of a plants growth. From earlier germination, to higher germination rates, greater root development, better plant resiliency, better appearance, shorter growth periods, greater vegetation and flowering – and more, takes growing to a higher level.

Cymatic Communication Technology (EQCCT) is a highly effective technology, born over a period of 20 years in a scientific study of life … from the beginning of biophysics at its best and do not require precision and effectiveness for outstanding results.

The most powerful energy form is obviously atmospheric energy, the energy in energy transformation = Quanta (plural) physical entities involved in any interaction – communication, in physics is measured in Quantum Cymatic A perfect form of communication without the possible misleading information and precision to the extreme, origin and obvious trace

EQCCT refers to a specific communication of living organisms using natural frequencies (eg, Earth’s 7.83Hz frequency has a specific frequency pattern) and equivalent patterns (components) to communicate with each other using liquids or fluids as a mechanism Of transport. EQCCT can be used in or with solids, liquids, gases or vapors.


Tested & Proven

Oz-Grow has been tested and proven to increase the percentage of seed germination resulting in exceptional plant growth, vigor, and uniformity.


Root Development

Providing better root development allowing plants to more readily absorb water fertilizers, thus allowing the plant to grow and mature aggressively, which helps produce greater crop yields.



Growers can be readily trained to operate the system and maintain production, with no negative side effects as associated with chemicals.

From Germination to Harvest

Oz-Grow’s water technology is specifically designed for any agricultural watering application. Oz-Grow’s water influences and enhances stronger, faster seed germination so seeds have more vigor and uniformity. Also, it continues to help plants development – improving and enhancing crop growth throughout the entire growing cycle.


Does not require any additional building or massive cash outlays.


Overhead is extremely low and the technology i every environmentally green and safe.


Does not restrict rotation of crops, whether in a field or a greenhouse.


We're a local area manufacturer of horticulture growing products.  We specialize in natural growing solutions that are eco-friendly and cost savings. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with our products.

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Copyright © 2018 Oz-Grow, LLC. All rights reserved.

Manufactured & Distributed by: Bio Communications Solutions, LLC.

© 2018 Oz-Grow, LLC. All rights reserved.

Manufactured & Distributed
by: Bio Communications Solutions, LLC.

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