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Growth Reviewing

Is there a recommended protocol for grow comparing?

Yes, initially and before moving into full production, it is recommended you setup two groups:

1) a Control Group, which does not receive Oz-Grow water (using only commercially available water) and

2) a Treated Group, which does receive Oz-Grow water.


What's your advice on keeping records?

It is recommended that you record daily, using both a written journal and a pictorial journal, the progress of your growth operation.

1) Record, as a benchmark day-1 … the condition of both the Control Group and Treated Group.

2) Then every 3 days record both groups and continue to record until satisfied you see noticeable differences between the Control Group and the Treated Group.


Applying the Water

When should the water be applied?

The Oz-Grow activated water can be applied during the germination phase of growing and also during the growing stage.


Why is it helpful to apply during the germination phase?

When applied during the germination phase, Oz-Grow helps seeds to germinate better with more vigor and uniformity.


Why is it helpful to apply during the growth phase?

When applied during the growth phase, the Oz-Grow technology continues to effectively help plants grow faster and stronger.



What climates does it work in?

Oz-Grow technology works in all climates.


What type of farming & growing) is it made for?

It is designed and well suited for both conventional and hydroponic growth farming.


What effect on the plants/crops does it have?

The Oz-Grow technology has the following effects on plants:

  • Grows crops faster.
  • Seeds and plants have stronger vigor.
  • Plants are less temperature sensitive.
  • Seeds and plants will be more uniform.
  • More efficient water usage because of strong root and seed development.
  • Leftover foliage is better recycled, making better compost.
  • Crops keep their freshness (water) longer.
  • More production, higher yields with higher quality.


We're a local area manufacturer of horticulture growing products.  We specialize in natural growing solutions that are eco-friendly and cost savings. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with our products.

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Copyright © 2018 Oz-Grow, LLC. All rights reserved.

Manufactured & Distributed by: Bio Communications Solutions, LLC.

© 2018 Oz-Grow, LLC. All rights reserved.

Manufactured & Distributed
by: Bio Communications Solutions, LLC.

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