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About Oz-Grow Water


The OZ-Grow technology is a specialized and proprietary Communication Frequency Water Activation System (CT-­‐WAS) which is a proven solution to help growers enhance their agricultural products–from seed through harvest.

OZ-Grow has been proven to increase the percentage, uniformity, vigor and strength of seed germination. OZ-Grow seeds are less temperature sensitive and more vigorous. When seeds are treated with OZ-Grow Water, the plants have better root and seed development allowing the plant to more readily absorb water and fertilizer (therefore needing less water).

After germination, when OZ-Grow Water is applied during the growing cycle, growers experience extraordinary benefits as OZ-Grow Water allows the plant to grow and mature more aggressively producing more revenue, greater profits, faster ROI.

OZ-Grow Water is 100% natural, safe for the environment, humans or animals and has no negative side effects as associated with pesticides or chemicals. It does not require additional buildings or massive cash outlays. Its application and overhead is low and is very user friendly. Employees can easily be trained to operate the system and maintain growing.

Oz-Grow Characteristics


1) Higher germination, up to 99%
2) Growing faster with more vigor
2) Less temperature sensitive
3) More uniformity
4) Better root and seed development
5) Products stay fresher longer because of water retention
8) More production with higher quality
9) Greater profits when OZ-Grow applied

How It Works


The OZ-Grow technology is proprietary and protected as a trade secret. The premise of the technology can be best explained as follows: Everything known to mankind has a unique frequency and it is a fact that natural frequencies can be found in biological entities, like plants, and are known when they are in balance that they promote health and strength. When water, which has been treated with the OZ-Grow’s technology, communicates a “natural” frequency it helps plants maintain their natural frequencies so they can grow fast and healthy.


We're a local area manufacturer of horticulture growing products.  We specialize in natural growing solutions that are eco-friendly and cost savings. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with our products.

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Copyright © 2018 Oz-Grow, LLC. All rights reserved.

Manufactured & Distributed by: Bio Communications Solutions, LLC.

© 2018 Oz-Grow, LLC. All rights reserved.

Manufactured & Distributed
by: Bio Communications Solutions, LLC.

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